Villa Angela is located a few minutes from Polignano a Mare and makes its kitchen available for Cooking Class sessions. If you want to learn how to make Focaccia Pugliese, Orecchiette or a delicious dessert like Pasticciotto Leccese, sign up now!

Focaccia Pugliese

To taste the symbol of Apulian Street Food

During the Cooking Class, following the instructions of a guide, you will knead with your own hands all the ingredients necessary to create a fantastic Focaccia Pugliese.

Focaccia is undoubtedly one of the symbols of Apulian Street Food. When you go around Bari Vecchia you can find it in all corners. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner and its scent and softness are unmistakable.

You will have the opportunity to use healthy products such as flour, tomato, oregano, olives and extra virgin olive oil.

Pasticciotto Leccese

Making a dessert following an ancient recipe

By following an ancient recipe and using healthy products such as lard, eggs and flour you can make a delicious Pasticciotto Leccese. The classic version is made with a pastry with custard and black cherries inside, but around the bars or pastry shops you can find it in many versions, for example with a filling of pistachio or chocolate cream.

Making the Pasticciotto apparently seems like a simple operation, but in reality it is not. It is necessary to pay attention to the mixing phases for the creation of the shortcrust pastry which must not require a long preparation and also the cream must not be too thick or too liquid to avoid the latter coming out during cooking.

At the end of the lesson you will be able to taste what you have prepared during the lesson and you will be given the personalized Villa Angela recipe which will allow you to make these delicious dishes at home and amaze your friends.

Contact us for more information or to book your Cooking Class session in Polignano a Mare.

Cooking Class Orecchiette
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